Vaxholm – the ´capital´ of the archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago consists of some 30000 islands, islet and rocks. Why not embark one of the white boats with the destination Vaxholm?

The small town of Vaxholm is the “capital” of the archipelago. It is also possible to reach this picturesque and wonderful little district by coach or public bus.

The well preserved fortress of Vaxholm will indicate the importance of defending the sea entrance to Stockholm throughout the Swedish history.

Boat life is hectic in the summer months; you make a stop here for a good meal or for a chat with friends or for a break before continuing further out in the archipelago.

Your guide will take you around for a walk in then arrow pathways and streets and tell stories about previous military actions and fishermen’s and women’s life in times gone by.

You will also have the opportunity to browse in small galleries and shops.