Linnaeus in Uppsala

The great botanist Carl Linnaeus, born in Småland, came to Uppsala in early age where he became curator for the academy garden in 1741. In his seminal and groundbreaking work Systema Naturae, he categorized all the species of plants, animals and minerals that encountered and became the father of modern taxonomy.
A visit to the Linnaean Garden, the oldest botanical garden in Sweden is a must. It included more than 1000 different species cultivated according to his system as well as his private residence. In addition to visiting the historical and beautiful gardens, you will also learn about the exciting times that he lived in. Today the garden still features some of the original species that his diciples collected from all over the world. Why not also visit the summer residence, Hammarby–a favorite area of Linnaeus’ where he worked during the summers?
What made Carl Linnaeus renowned and famous within his field? Let one of FSAG’s authorized Linnéguides take you through the 1700s of Uppsala and be swept away by the exciting and intriguing stories of our great Swedish botanist, his scientifc contribution and personal life.