Tian Yang Liu

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Discover Stockholm with your dedicated guide Tianyang!

I’m Tianyang, and I warmly welcome you in the spirit of ”Hej” (Swedish for Hello)! With extensive experience as a licensed tourist guide, I’m passionate about showcasing the beauty and stories of this remarkable city to you. My specialization is providing exceptional private, tailored tours for Chinese-speaking visitors.

Having explored diverse corners of the globe – from Asia to Africa and from East to West – I now have the privilege of calling Stockholm, one of the world’s most enchanting cities, my home, and I am enthusiastic about showcasing its beauty to you.

My educational background includes Destination Management and a Master’s degree in Digital Innovation Management. Beyond guiding, I work for a global mobility company, focusing on relocation technology. My objective is to aid newcomers in acclimating to Sweden, facilitating a smooth transition, helping them overcome cultural adjustments, and ensuring seamless integration into their new environment.

Throughout our journey together, my approach is a blend of relaxed friendliness and a rich knowledge of the city. I strive to share unique historical insights that often elude even the locals. With a professional driver accompanying us, I dedicate my undivided attention to addressing your questions and focusing on your interests. My mission is to ensure your trip is carefully planned, and hassle-free, and leaves you with enduring memories of your enjoyable time in Stockholm.

Welcome to Stockholm!

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