Jawad Tabcho

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As a person who loves history, I have always believed that you will not know where you are going, and you may not know who you are, if you do not know where you have come from.

I have worked as tour leader and guide in the Middle East for 30 years. During my time with several tour operators in the Middle East, my tours often included multiple countries; varying between 15 to 25 days in total length. My job included providing lectures on culture, art history, mythology, architecture and politics. I was both a facilitator and educater on these tours.

I find the ancient Norse myths resonating in modern day Swedish society. I found myself fascinated by a long history and tradition of Scandinavian culture, Swedish miracle, and Swedish spartan aesthetic that have already infatuated half the civilised world.

Let me introduce you to the wild and wonderful mythology of the Norse and learn more about the Swedish model of success.

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