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Welcome to Stockholm! This is my home town since 1965, when I came here from Falun, where I was born and grew up. I was a student in Chemical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), where I completed my PhD in 1980. I loved this town right from the start and I strolled around as often as I could. I worked for Swedish Export Industry up until 1997, where I ended my professional career as a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering up until my retirement.

During all of my professional career I have been solving problems relating to water purification, environmental technology and quality management. After my retirement I have studied various courses mainly at Stockholm university such as Stockholm’s History, Swedish Marine History, Marine Archaeology and Poland’s History.

With my background from Falun and it’s World Heritage of the famous copper mine, I have always been interested in History, in particular Industrial History. This subject is to me narratives about humans of past times. In Falun there is the fascinating tale about the mine worker Fet-Mats, who got lost in the darkness of the deep mine, was preserved and found several decades later, when only his old fiancée could recognize him. This tale has inspired composers such as Richard Wagner, poets such as Alfred Tennyson and Marquis de Sade to ingenious pieces of artistry. Stockholm has got many just as fascinating tales ever since its sudden appearance in the 13th century.

As an Authorized Stockholm Guide I want to help in spreading knowledge about our tremendously beautiful capital and its background in Swedish history, environment and conditions of living.

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