Marianne Prager

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I was born in Malmo in the southern part of Sweden by a Danish mother and a father who came as a child refugee from Berlin. My background is in theatre and music. I have an Opera degree from the Rubin Academy of Music in Israel where I also worked as a singer/actress and voice teacher.
Back in Sweden I spent 20 years at the Stockholm Royal Opera Choir. In 2001 I became a qualified Stockholm guide and I have worked as such more and more after my retirement from the Opera. (Singers have early retirement in Sweden)
The guiding has opened up many new fields of interest. History, architecture, Swedish culture, and much more. In wintertime I work as a guide at the Jewih museum and at the synagogue being very actve in the Jewish community life. I am also acting in the yiddisch theatre and occasionally reading from the Tora in the Great Synagogue. I love to meet people from all over the world with whom I can share all these interests.
Stockholm is my favorite city and I am always proud and happy to present it to all the visitors who come.

My days as an opera singer are over. Today my stage is the city of Stockholm and the setting is the impressive architecture, the blue water and the fresh nature. I hope that I will succeed to convey my passion for the city, so that it will stay with you as a warm memory to take home and to cherish.

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