Ingrid Svensson

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Welcome to Stockholm – my home town! And to Sweden – my native country!

I have been a qualified Stockholm guide since 2011. I have showed numerous people from many different countries Stockholm and its surroundings, as well as other parts of my country.

I am sure, if you have read this far, that you already know some about Stockholm and Sweden and what it has to offer. You have read, and been fascinated, by the warship Vasa which sank in the port of Stockholm in 1628 – on its maiden voyage! That’s my favorite museum too, so let’s go there together!

Maybe you have caught a glimpse of the City Hall, since that is where the Nobel banquet takes place every year on December 10th – with an exception for the pandemic years. You want to visit that magnificent building, and we will!

If you enjoy art, Stockholm is the place for you. Our Metro has been called the world’s longest art exhibition. The fantastic art museum Waldemarsudde, once the home of our painting Prince Eugen – younger brother of our present King Carl XVIth Gustav’s Great Grandfather, is open for you.

Or visit Drottningholm, only 30 minutes by car from Stockholm, the home of our King Carl XVI Gustav and his wife Queen Silvia. In 2023, we celebrated that he has been Sweden’s Head of State for 50 years! Longer than any other Swedish king, and our monarchy is very old.

The Old Town of Stockholm, Gamla stan, is a must. As is the archipelago with its more than 30,000 islands! And the shopping is great!

There is lots more to see and enjoy in Stockholm. If you allow me I will also show you how the natives live, what we do for fun, what we eat and drink, what makes us laugh and what makes us cry. Also, why nature is so important to us, why most of us don’t mind paying those high taxes, why we trust our politicians and what you should do to really get to know the reserved Northeners that we are.

See you in Stockholm! Hopefully, already in 2024!