Anna Röst

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Would you like to dive into the alleys of the medieval Old town of Stockholm and learn about its history and its secrets? Visit the UNESCO listed 17th century Drottningholm Palace for tales of queens and kings or the enormous Royal Mounds at Old Uppsala from the 6th century? Keeping your eyes peeled for wrecks in Stockholm waters, combined with a visit to the world famous Vasa Museum with the Vasa ship from 1628?

I am a qualified Stockholm guide, with a Ph.D. in archaeology. During parts of the year I am a museum curator and researcher, but I also have a passion for telling stories of Stockholm and its inhabitants through the centuries. I specialize in tours focused on history, archaeology and castles, and I take pride in providing a knowledgeable tour with high quality.

Tours are organized according to your requirements and I would be happy to help you plan the perfect tour to make your stay in Stockholm memorable.

Looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm!